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GB Presentation Packs

A Royal Mail stamp presentation pack might contain one of many different kinds of GB stamps, such as Commemorative stamps, Definitive stamps or Post and Go stamps. The packs are usually made up of a colourful, informative folder and a carrier to hold the stamps in place. These collectable items are produced in much smaller quantities than the stamp issues they contain. Our stock runs from 1960 Forerunners up to the latest 2017 presentation packs.

Commemorative Packs

Definitive Packs

Post and Go Stamp Packs

Reproduction Packs

Special Edition & Souvenir Packs

Private Packs (POM)

Royal Mail has been producing and publishing stamp presentation packs for over 50 years, starting with the Shakespeare Festival Pack. These packs, as opposed to stamps alone, have emerged as one of the most popular and interesting collecting areas of philately as they not only retain the mint stamps, as issued, they also feature wonderful images and are packed with interesting information.

The first presentation packs were issued by the General Post Office (GPO) in 1960, when they were looking for a convenient way of packaging and selling sets of stamps for the London 1960 International Stamp Exhibition, held at the Royal Festival Hall. They produced four packs priced in sterling for the exhibition, and another four priced in US dollars for a Post Office sales tour of the USA. Each pack was fairly basic in design; the stamps were mounted on blue-grey card and enclosed in a paper envelope with a clear plastic window. The only information printed on the packs was a brief description of the stamps and the retail price. They were produced in very limited numbers and are now known as Forerunner Packs or simply Forerunners. 

Over time, stamp collecting trends have evolved and nowadays it is not deemed necessary to have ‘one of everything’ but perhaps collect around a theme, such as ‘birds’ or ‘transport’. This is known as collecting Thematics.

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