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PHQ Cards, Stamp Cards

PHQ Cards (also known as Stamp Cards) are Royal Mail postcards that depict an enlargement of British stamp issues. Royal Mail have produced these attractive stamp postcards since 1973, beginning with the 3p Cricket issue featuring W.G.Grace. PHQ stands for 'Postal Headquarters'.

The forerunners to PHQ Cards were Maximum Cards (Maxicards / Maxi cards). These cards are now quite rare as very few were produced, especially pre-1966 and from 1971 to 1976.

PHQ Stamp Cards - Mint

PHQ Stamp Cards - FDI Front

PHQ Stamp Cards - FDI Back

Definitive Stamp Cards - Mint

These collector’s items are printed in much smaller quantities than the matching stamps and show much more detail. They can be collected as unused cards (PHQ Cards Mint), or as First Day of Issue with a cancelled stamp on the front (PHQ Cards FDI Front) or on the back (PHQ Cards FDI Back). The FDI cards that we sell have special, or relevant, handstamps. Occasionally, Royal Mail issues postcards that are not listed as PHQ. These include Definitive Cards and Greetings issues.

PHQ Stamp Cards are popular with collectors everywhere - some issues are particularly attractive and, when framed, make a nice piece of artwork.