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Mini Sheets, Miniature Sheets

First issued in 1978, GB Miniature Sheets add another dimension to stamp collecting, bringing stamps together on a specially designed small format sheet, commonly known as stamp Mini Sheets.

GB Mini Sheets

Overprinted Mini Sheets

Souvenir Sheets

Collection Packs

These stamps individually, and together as a sheet, are valid postage stamps and, as they are an attractive product on their own, they make a very nice collectible. As such, Royal Mail produce an annual Mini Sheet Collection Pack that contains each sheet issued throughout a year.

On a Miniature Sheet, the stamps might be perforated in the usual way, or imperforate. The margins might have additional printing ranging from a simple statement of the occasion being commemorated, up to a full picture of which the stamps are just a small part. Royal Mail now also issue mini sheets with a barcode in the selvedge. On Special Mini Sheets and Souvenir Sheets there might be overprinted ornamental designs, emblems and logos which are not the part of stamps. Stamps on a Miniature Sheet can be in se-tenant position, even though the same stamps were not se-tenants in regular issue.

Luxembourg apparently issued the first Souvenir Sheet in 1923, a single 10-franc stamp, not otherwise available, inset in a larger blank sheet.
The purpose was to honour the birth of Princess Elisabeth. However, somewhat similar issues by that country go back to the royal coronation of 1906. The United States issued its first Mini Sheet in 1926, followed by a series of them in the 1930s, and has issued other sheets over the years.

Some Commemorative Packs include a Mini Sheet in addition to the stamp issue - Miniature Sheet Presentation Packs