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About us

Packs & Cards was founded by Ian Andrew and established in Fleet, Hampshire, England. The company's experience and expertise in the stamp trade dates back to 1978 when Ian traded in PHQ Cards and Regional Cards. The catalogue "Collect Post Office Cards" was compiled and edited by Ian for several years throughout the early 1980s.

The scarcity of many early Presentation Packs and Stamp Cards, combined with a lack of trade supply, meant that it took considerable time to source and purchase good quality stock. It was over a year from inception before trading commenced in 2001.

Since then, the business has gone from strength to strength and Packs & Cards is now known as the UK's biggest online retailer of GB stamp packs and PHQ Cards.

Dedicated team

Our customer services department is run by Jody Jones, Office Manager Jody has been with the company since 2005, during which time she has gained extensive knowledge of all the products we sell and the general trade in Royal Mail stamp collectibles. Jody is also responsible for replenishing our stock levels and can offer advice to those thinking about selling a collection.

If you have any questions about Packs & Cards, please don't hesitate to contact us.